Gathering Blue by Lowis Lowery

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Gathering Blue
Although I usually love Lowis Lowry’s books, Gathering Blue was quite painful to get through. It was boring and a simple waste of time.
The main character, Kira, is a recently orphaned girl with a crippled leg. In her society people who are imperfect and useless to society are left to die. Kira is taken to court to see if she is spared. Because of her skills in weaving she is able to go to fix the Singer’s robe so she has a use in society. While she fixes the robe she discovers she is surrounded by secrets.
Kira is a flat character. She made no personal connections and only is a tool to get through the story occasionally foreshadowing it. Things happen to her, but she never makes things happen. The story is a plodding story with a confusing plot. It was going nowhere until the last ten pages with a random ending tacked on. The ending had little to do with the story and I felt it was a failed cliff-hanger. Most of the story was predictable, but the part that wasn’t was useless and dull.
Overall, I felt the story was one-dimensional with a useless ending. I feel the story could have been better if the ending was longer and tied the story up.

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