Night by Elie Wielsel

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Night is an autobiography mainly directed towards teens and adults. I could tell that it was directed towards teens and adults because of the writing style of the story and the way life was depicted during that time period.
When you first open this book will pull you right in to the story line and will lead you to believe that you are there in the time period and you feel the pain that they endured. When you think that you have just reached the climax something else exciting happens and you just have to keep reading it until you finish the story and you are just amazed at what just happened.
If you just want an all-around classical book then you should definitely read this book because it will tell you the life of a Jewish boy in a German death camp with his family and all the things that they had to go through. It will change your expressions every time you read it and it will tell you a brief history of what happens. Now stop wasting time and go read the book!

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