"Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare

May 31, 2012
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I know this book is one of Shakespeare’s plays and is considered a classic but I did not appreciate its contents. I do understand he only had two hours to convey developed characters and an interesting plot but I do not think that was accomplished.

"Romeo and Juliet," is about star-crossed lovers that can’t be together because their families are old enemies. Juliet’s parents want her to marry a different man named Parris. She directly defies her parents by putting herself through risky situations to see Romeo.
You should not read this book because the plot is not realistic. Two characters fall in love after seeing each other only once, but before Romeo met Juliet he was “in love” with another girl yet he seemed to move on pretty fast. The dialect makes the book a harder read so it is less desirable to finish. The characters don’t change personalities and they are too sappy in my opinion. Personally it took to much work to finish and it didn’t keep me interested. I would not recommend you to read this book.

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