Lord of the Rings, Book 3 by JRR. Tolkien

May 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Lord of the rings, Book 3, by JRR. Tolkien is the third installment of the six part Lord of the Rings series, and is one of the better ones. It has multiple twists and turns including the kidnapping of two of the fellowship (who shall remain unnamed for the sake of spoilers) the discovery of the kind hearted, though thought evil, ents and the recruiting of an army to fight the evil lord Sauron. It takes the fellowship through the elven city of Lothlorien, down the river Anduin (where a betrayal takes place) and into the dangerous Fanghorn woods, and even to the gates of Isengard (the once good, now evil wizard city). Overall, another good book by Tolkien, worth reading especially because of the series it's part of.

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