Lord of the rings, book 1 by JRR. Tolkien

May 31, 2012
By Jarod Markus-Brooks BRONZE, Lincoln, California
Jarod Markus-Brooks BRONZE, Lincoln, California
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Lord of the Rings, Book1 by JRR. Tolkien is the first part of a six book series, is is a must read for that reason only. The series is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but this one is boring and flat. The plot simply following Frodo (the main character) through some forests leave his home town and meet some new friends. There is almost no character dynamics present with Frodo because nothing interesting happens! There are too many points in the book where you lose track of where you are and find yourself going “Wait... what?”

And the story is filled with junk as well. I even saw a five page (five entire pages!) conversation that had no importance to the story later on! So simply put, it’s a must read because it’s part of an awesome series, but the book itself sucks.

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