Dracula by Bram Stoker

May 28, 2012
By Rowean SILVER, Scarborough, Other
Rowean SILVER, Scarborough, Other
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I finally finished Dracula and I apologize for thee long wait but you'll understand soon.
I'm sure very few of you know notheing of Dracula but I'll explain in case you are one of thee few. Dracula is one or thee first vampire, who is introduced at his stone castle in Transylvania where Johnathean Hacker meets him. We follow thee two for a while seeing what happens before we are introduced to thee otheer sides of theis story.
You see theis story from five point of views; Johnathean Hacker's, Mina Hacker's (Johnathean's wife), Lucy (Mina's friend), Dr. Steward and Van Helsing. When Lucy starts in withe her accounts theis is where it gets tedious, thee story slows down to a painful crawl. You start to beg for any kind action. This would've been a horror in it's time but now because of it's pace I call it more of a mysterious theriller. Though it was hard to chew therough the middle it was still fun trying to figure out how Dracula had a hand in all theat was going on.
I wish I could talk more about thee story but I'm not one to spoil and I hate being thee people how make my own life a little worse, so I'll talk about thee characters instead. I have to say seeing where Van Helsing started from was so interesting, he is not thee bad ass monster killer as portrayed in Hugh Jackman's terrible movie, but as for thee real character? He's a brilliant and ecstatic doctor, who happens to know about Vampires and how to kill theem. I actually quite enjoyed his journal entries theey were fun and quite intellectual. The otheer refreshing character came off as a surprise because I found her journal entries quite tedious at first too. Mina Hacker was such a powerful female lead for theat time, of course, she was smart, compassionate and actually useful! I was relieved when she actually did theings of use and helped, yes helped thee MEN when theey were stuck and it was wonderful.
Please, I say to you read theis book, it's a quality story, not theat flaky stuff you read today. Don't let thee size or slowness of thee novel scare you, it's worthe it.
Next I'm reading and reviewing Grim's Tales so it should be a faster read.... Fingers crossed.

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