Michael Strogoff : The courier of the Czar by Jules Vernes

May 28, 2012
By DimitraP BRONZE, Corfu, Other
DimitraP BRONZE, Corfu, Other
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Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar is a novel written by Jules Vernes, the well-known French author. The book was written in 1876.Unlike many of Vernes’ novels Michael Strogoff is not science fiction. The book has been made into plays, movies and cartoons many times.
The main character is 30-year-old Michael Strogoff, a Russian living in Siberia, blessed with sharp wits, strength of character and great powers of endurance. Michael is summoned to Moscow by the Czar, and he is assigned a difficult task: he must deliver a letter to the Czar’s brother who lives in the southern Siberian city of Irkutsk, in order to warn him about an impending attack by the Tartars. On his way to Irkutsk Michael meets a young woman, Nadia, whom he befriends and protects throughout the journey. Michael and Nadia risk their lives, they fight the Tartars and they face the cold of the steppes, hunger, exhaustion and they battle the elements, but they eventually arrive in Irkutsk. They defeat the Tartars and finally get married.
Unlike many books which start slowly and gradually build up momentum, Michael Strogoff is fast-paced from the beginning. It grabs your attention and you won’t be able to put it down. The book takes you on a fascinating journey through Russia on which you’ll learn about its climate, culture and more.
The book is suitable for children and adults of all ages. It is a breathtaking adventure, and I strongly recommend it.

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