Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler

May 25, 2012
By emsblink182 BRONZE, Beckley, West Virginia
emsblink182 BRONZE, Beckley, West Virginia
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Rage is an awesome book and Kessler is an awesome author. She describes in great detail exactly what Missy is going through and how she feels. I love that she finds ways to make the reader tear up or want to put the book down to catch his or her breath. Frankly, I couldn't stop reading! Her writing is beautiful, in fact, I wish it was edible because every word on a page is to be savored and relished. I enjoy the fact that I can identify with the main character Melissa Miller, or Missy, as she is affectionately nick-named. “The day Melissa Miller killed her cat, she met the Angel of Death. Except he was no angel- and he wasn't there for the cat.” Missy is a cutter. She has recently been dumped by her boyfriend, Adam, who promptly refuses to associate himself with her anymore. He and his “crew” harrass and bully Missy relentlessly. And to top it all off, Adam gives her a reason to hurt herself again later in the story at a party Missy knows she shouldn't have gone to. And in comes her prince, “Death,” who looks stirkingly like Kurt Kobain, Nirvana's late lead singer. (I love him!) It seems Missy has been chosen to be the new War, one of the four horsemen of the Appocalypse. I refuse to say anymore from fear that I may ruin the story for those of you who actually might want to read it!
But I will say this: Don't be fooled. It isn't for the faint of heart, but just because this book is about self- harm doesn't mean you won't love it and it's ending. I really don't want to give anything away! But even if you've never thought about hurting yourself intentionally, you should pick up this book because it's just so inspiring and lovely.
I loved Rage and I am looking forward to more of Kessler's works. I also read Hunger by her and it is easily my second favorite book-next to Rage. Her writing is very touching and heart-warming. I adore her and the fact that “A portion of proceeds for Rage will be donated to To Write Love On Her Arms, a nonprofit organization dedicated to prsenting hope and finding help for people struggling with self-injury, depression, addiction, and suicide.” The reader helps just by buying the book. Trust me, you'll loveit! And you also might fall in love with sexy Mr. “Death” by the end. I know I did!

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I love this book!!!

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