The Giver

May 24, 2012
By Amber Shirk BRONZE, Petersburg, West Virginia
Amber Shirk BRONZE, Petersburg, West Virginia
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Book title and author: The Giver by Lois Lowry
Title of review: Confusion
Number of stars (1 to 5): 3

The book “The Giver” was about a young boy named Jonas who lives in an Utopia. Everyone in his little town is equal and nothing is different. The world is supposed to be “perfect” as the book proclaimed. The author’s purpose was to tell a fictional story about a “perfect” society.
Description and summary of main points:
This story was written to describe the boringness of “sameness”. The reader had a not so easy time writing and describing in this book. Lois Lowry made “The Giver” a book more mature people could read and understand well. I am giving this book three stars because it was a little confusing. I did not get the full concept of the book at times while I was reading though it. Although it was a bit confusing, I enjoyed reading it. Jonas, the main character, was a brave, young boy who had an important and valuable “gift.” When the book reaches deeper into the book, it becomes understandable and exciting. Jonas, in the story, made hard decisions for his family and himself.
The characters of the story were well chosen. They helped the book grab the attention and point of its readers. Sometimes the setting was not proper for the activities. But altogether it continued to make the story and events stand out. I am a mature reader, but, a lot of the time the style in the book did not make since to me. I was a bit confused throughout it. But after I relieved was I was meant to know, it made since. The thing I liked the most was the theme. It fit “The Giver” very well wrapped everything together.
After I reread most of the book, it became clearer to me. Again, it was a good book to read. It made sense to me though after I reread and asked help from the teacher.
Your final review:
I, myself, recommend this book to more mature readers. It would help the reader if they understand the importance of love, kindness, and everyone being different before or in the beginning of reading this book. I liked this book very much, it only had a couple of negative things.

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