Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

May 22, 2012
By wormgear BRONZE, Monongah, West Virginia
wormgear BRONZE, Monongah, West Virginia
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Bud, Not Buddy is a fantastic book about an orphan named Bud. He starts his journey through the book in a home. They send him to the Amos house where there is an older boy who enjoys torturing Bud. Bud gets his pay-back, hides their huge gun, and goes “on the lam.” He is looking for a man who he believes is his father. His mother left a few things when she died from an illness. Bud is the one who found her lying in her bed. The few things she left gave bud the idea that a famous musician is his father. He is determined to meet this man. Along the way he meets Lefty Lewis, Mrs. Sleet, Mrs. Thomas, The Thug, Steady Eddie, Doo Doo Bug, Mr. Jimmy, a family who calls him Clarence, and many more people. This book tells the story of a lost ten year old boy who is looking for his daddy or any type of family. When he finally finds a place he belongs, he realizes that he is home.

I myself loved this story and thought it was the sweetest book ever written. If you like heartbreaking stories, then this book is for you. I recommend this wonderful book to people of all ages, shapes, sizes, ect. Bud will reach out, grab your heart, and not let go until the end. Bud is my new hero and eventually he will be yours too. Christopher Paul Curtis did an exceptional job on writing this book.

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