Right to Bare Arms

May 15, 2012
By theman12 BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
theman12 BRONZE, Charelston, West Virginia
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Guns dont kill people ,people kill people

Book title and author: The Right to Bear Arms
Title of review: Our Second Amendment
Number of stars (1 to 5): 5 stars

In the book Right to Bear Arms Franklin Watts examines the United States Constitution and the individuals who are addressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He was trying to find mistakes to get the second amendment over turn our second amendment.
One of main reasons he wanted to overturn the Second Amendment was to stop assassination of presidents. He used the attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan one of the best presidents of all time as an example .Also in the book he quotes parts of John Hinckley’s journal. This is what he quoted from John Hinckley’s journal: See that living legend over there? With one little squeeze of a trigger I can put that person at my feet, moaning and groaning and pleading with God. This gun gives me….. power. If I wish, the President will fall and the world will look at me in disbelief All because I own an inexpensive gun.

I understand that guns being outlawed would stop some civil death but criminals would still get guns because the guns they use are illegally purchased. And if the guns were outlawed civilians would be in danger because they don’t have any weapons to protect them from the armed criminals. I believe that it’s not the guns that kill people … people kill people .Protection are not the only uses for guns people use gun for recreational activities like hunting and competition shooting.

I am a strong believer in the second amendment I own several guns and I love to hunt. I would be really upset if I had to give away all of guns and if I couldn’t hunt with a gun any more. And most of my favorite things to hunt for require a gun to hunt for so I would not like the banding of guns.

I really enjoyed this book due to the historical facts that I am highly interested in. Evan though I do not like the action of Franklin Watts I enjoyed the book tremendously. I would recommend this book to any historical buff or fire arm enthusiast.

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