The Giver by Lois Lowry

May 17, 2012
The Giver- Lois Lowry

The Giver is an intriguing tale narrating the wonderful incidences faced a young boy Jonas in a Utopian Society called 'The Community'. Considering the chaos rampant in our lives as for today,I believed that I would agree with the existence of such a community of 'Sameness'. However in order to achieve this state of sameness -How much are we ready to forgo?
The Giver is an instrument by which you raise this question in our minds.

Although we live cluttered, crazy, disorganized and confusing lives- Are we ready to give up all of this for an even society. It appears that while the residents of the community enjoy sameness they are robbed of a vital object-true Life. Their freedom of thought is curbed by their peculiar way of living.

Amidst them is one person who lives for all of them-who carries the massive burden of all the happiness,courage, pride, sorrow, pain , glory and the countless other feelings they never know existed. You have subtly explained that the residents of this community do not feel.

It is very difficult to imagine a life without senses. God has granted us the liberty to enjoy emotions, colours, music and reality so that we may life life and move on. God has entrusted upon us the responsibility to experience so many feelings and choose the right thing. History records countless incidences of humans using this to their benefit as well as to their downfall.

In The Giver, Jonas choses to feel, to live. Mrs.Lowry, has not only emphasized on the importance of memories but on the vitality of our senses. You have made me realise that with good comes the bad. It is complementary. However, we must not forget that good still exists.

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