The Twilight Saga

July 28, 2008
By Cecilia Rodriguez, Miami, FL

Majority has it, the Twilight Saga has young teens crazed for more adventure from Bella and Edward, the leading characters from these unquestionably breath-taking series. As for its creator Stephenie Meyer, after the publication of Twilight her career skyrocketed as an author, and has been said to be the next J.K Rowling.

As for the Twilighters, the transformation that has occurred is shocking both parents and teachers, due to the fact that reading as a form of entertainment after a certain age. Usually students start to hate reading because it is forced upon them in school, but with books as incredibly produced as Twilight, it is no wonder why middle school students have rushed themselves to their schools library and signed themselves on the waiting list for the next book that continues the magnificent story of a girl named Bella.

Bella Swan is the new girl, is extraordinarily awkward, and meets Edward Cullen. Cullen, who is completely enigmatic, restricts social contact from everyone in school except his siblings but when Bella comes into his world things change drastically.

This love story creates hearts to melt and palms to sweat, with characters such as Alice, and Jacob, who bring color to the life of both Bella and Edward. Readers say that these characters seem to be alive, seem to be our friends, our crushes, and even our heroes.

Most that know the story of Twilight, would definitely say that calling the book a love story is an understatement. This story is endless, and worshiped by all who read the saga.

From this extraordinary saga, comes the first book, Twilight- where the story all begins. Bella decides to live with her father Charlie in Washington State, in a little town called Forks. Then, Bella meets Edward, and that is when everything goes right and wrong, and when everything becomes both exciting and undeniably sad.

Following that comes New Moon and Eclipse, the next two unbelievable parts to this saga. Now, let me remind you about something, the waiting list for Twilight at my nearest library was a wait of one-hundred fifty-six people. Now, imagine the waiting list for the next two?

Lucky for me, I had a friend who had bought the books, and had agreed to let me borrow them as long as I would recommended it to anyone and everyone I talk to. Oh and yea, another thing that most people misunderstand is that the Twilight Saga is not at all an all girls book. There is adventure, mystery, and action- all that stuff that guys like. Actually, the friend that I had borrowed the books from just happens to be a sixteen year-old guy.

In February 2008, Stephenie Meyer teamed up with Summit Production to create a phenomenal film, having Twilighters scream with anxiety and count down for- the premier of Twilight, the movie, action filled and ready to keep you at the edge of your seat. This film will be released on December 12, 2008. Better be ready!

The author's comments:
My passion has long been the journalistic view within the entertainment industry. I write reviews of all kinds, on a daily basis.

When I came intouch with Twilight, I knew that this book would turn teens crazed for more.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer, for another great piece of art.


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