Death Note

July 21, 2008
By Sarah Kane, Temple, PA

Death Note is a manga or Japanese comic book series. It is a fascinating drama. About a young man who finds a notebook, or so he thinks. A young shinagmi, named ryuk, put instructions on how to use this notebook. With the notebook comes great power, and yet terrible power in the wrong hands. It has the power to kill someone, anyone. All you have to do is know the persons full name and think of there face as you write there name and in less then a minute they will die from a heart attack. But, you can be specific on how they die. It doesn't have to be from a heart attack. This young man is named Light, and Light thinks that people who are in jail should be punished. Because they have done wrong in his mind and he thinks that if he kills bad people the world can be a perfect place. He really only kills the major criminals, but as he goes killing people interfere with his plans. It is a odd kind of story. None like it that I have read in the manga category. It is sick and twisted some people might think, but I think it is genius. I like that the author stuck to real people problems, and with problems most people have never had to deal with. It is really good to read if you aren't scared by books easily, and it helps understand what wako people are out there. It has a little of everything love, craziness, hate, truth, and lies. It shows how the world isn't perfect, but there are people out there to help make it more manageable. I really liked it. It has a big fan base and it's getting bigger each day.

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