Your Guide To The Sky

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

In the book Your Guide To The Sky by Rick Shaffer, it tells about the many different ways you can look at the stars, and planets, and galaxies. It tells how you can look through a telescope and look at the many different stars and planets. Very interesting!

This book tells about the stars and the very many galaxies and planets and what not in space. It tells you how to find different signs the stars make in the sky, it shows you all the different planets and how to look through a telescope, it shows you so many things and it teaches you about space and it’s many different ways.

It’s very interesting and very cool to learn about.

In conclusion, this book is very interesting. And it shows you how to look at stars and planets and galaxies. It shows you how to work a telescope which I think is very useful if you’re interested in space and galaxies.
This book helped me a little bit with space because I love learning about Astronomy and the different planets. It made me think a little what’s above and around Earth because this it what keeps everything moving, our environment, our space, everything. It’s so interesting in my perspective. Very good book.

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