At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

May 15, 2012
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A story filled with tons of emotions and love, At First Sight is a great book for females of all ages. It tells a story of two people falling in love and going through all the hardships that love and relationships can bring. This book will warm your heart in some parts and break your heart the next, which is good for an emotional person like me. The two are from two completely different areas of the world; Lexi being from the country and Jeremy being from the big city. Jeremy ends up moving in with Lexi so she will not have to leave her family behind which is a big move. This causes much distress and tension within the relationship as well as of the baggage that they have brought with them through the years but they believe together they can fight and beat these damaging tragedies as long as they have each other. Like anything in life, they realize along the way that it is not going to be too easy, and like any other couple they have lots of fights and arguments that nearly tear them apart. Along with the baggage that this couple has, they have many other challenges. One of these challenges being that they cannot get pregnant which is something they had been planning on for a long time. Other things such as jealousy, stress, and family issues play a big part in this story as well. With a bitter sweet ending, the story of these two people will have you bawling your eyes out and will give you a feeling you will never forget.

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