shark by Mark Carwardine

May 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Shark by Mark Carwardine was a well laid out book about all the different kinds of sharks. It was laid out in different sections that made the type of information you need to get easier to find. It was choke full of useful information that ranged from the ancient sharks of the dinosaurs time to the sharks of the deep and magical oceans of today. This book is recommended by me for any who need to research sharks or just learn a little more about them. It has got information about how the sharks live, breed, swim, hunt, and interact with humans and others of their kind. This book also addresses the growing number of endangered sharks and the reason they have become endangered. It talks about why some sharks attack people (not for food by misinterpretation) like surfers and swimmers. In my opinion it was a good book to read if sharks are a subject of interest for you. Though if you don’t like sharks and you have no need for information about them than you have no reason to get this book. So if an educational and informational book is what you need should try giving this book a read, I’m shore you won’t be disappointed. I give this book four stars for its impressive info and it’s well laid out format.

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