Wings (the trilogy) by Aprillyne Pike

May 11, 2012
By iCheeto PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
iCheeto PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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The Wings trilogy by Aprillyne Pike is a New York Times best-selling series, and if you’ve read them you know why. The passion of the love story that tugs at your heart strings, tied in with the enchantment of a young faerie’s tale, sucks you in from the first page of the very first book. The trilogy includes three novels, Wings, Spells, and Illusions. There is talk of a fourth book being released, and personally, I can hardly wait.

In Wings we meet our main character Laurel, a seemingly regular sophomore girl who is starting public school for the first time after years of being home schooled by her familiar and loving parents. Laurel knows that she is sort of an unusual teenager, but her differences just make her unique. So what if eating anything but fruits and veggies will make her sick? Who cares if she has to wash her hair in just water because shampoos and conditioners hurt her skin? And it seems more of a wonderful miracle than something to fret about that she never gets zits. Ever. Then Laurel learns a secret, something she can’t believe. Laurel is a faerie, from the magical and secret hidden world of Avalon. While Laurel is in denial, she sees pieces of her life fall into place and makes sense all around her newly discovered self. When trolls show up and bring trouble into her hometown, endangering Laurel’s life along with the lives of the new people (and faeries) she loves, she has to embrace herself for who she is in Avalon to save her home and family in the real world.

Wings definitely set the bar high for its sequel, and Pike didn’t disappoint. Reading the book, you’re kept on edge with every word. The love interests keep your head reeling, and the adventures of the strong and courageous main character you fell in love with keep you flipping the pages. By the end of the second book Spells you’ll be begging for more and Illusions is the perfect continuation. Laurel is as feisty and cunning as ever, and the entire story line keeps you guessing until the very end where I guarantee your jaw will drop, and you’ll be already anticipating the final book to come. I know I was shocked when the third book came to an end, I may have even shed a tear that it was over. The minute Pike’s fourth book hits the shelves; I’ll be there to grab it. You should be too.

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