Click The Ultimate Photography Guide for Generation Now by Charlie Styr

May 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Book Review
Book title and author: Click ‘The Ultimate Photography Guide for Generation Now' By Charlie Styr and Maria Wakem
Title of review: Great read!
Number of stars (1 to 5): 4

The book Click by Charlie Styr and Maria Wakem is a great book for people of all ages wanting to learn a little bit about photography. Although the book is by kids for kids, it would be a good book for anybody. Because it's by kids, it makes the book a lot less boring and in a way, fun to read. The book has great key points to learning how to take a great shot.

This book has many examples of how your pictures should look. The pictures keep me interested and wanting to read more. Unlike other books, Click isn't bland and boring; it has lots of pictures and examples, so that you know once you take that once special shot, it's correct. Also, when you flip through the book, you can find that there are “Pro Tips” throughout the book. That was a lot of help too.

I gave the book 4 stars because it was a good learning experience, but sometimes I thought the author droned on, and on about one particular thing. If the author would have expanded their horizon and had quality AND quantity, it would've been a lot better. The book seemed a little cookie cutter, and not original. It could've been a lot better, just by adding a couple things in.

Some of the chapters like equipment 101, point of interest, group shots, self-portraits, landscapes, animal photography, underwater, panning, and editing were included in this book. I thought equipment 101 was the most helpful. That was the very first chapter and it helped me find out what camera was the best for me, and how to use it properly. Before this book, I barely knew how to operate my digital camera! Now I'm almost professional!

Lastly, I think this book, in my opinion was loaded full of information, but it went on, and on again. It needed more quantity, maybe less pages of each subject. I honestly learned a lot about taking pictures and have been taking many. Lately I have wowed people with my way of taking that one special shot whether it's sporting events, a get together, or just a self-portrait. It's a “Great Read”!

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