Maximum Ride:The Angel Experience by James Paterson

April 26, 2012
By , shep., WV
Wow What a Book: Maximum Ride
The book Maximum Ride is an action packed book filled with excitement on every page. The Author James Paterson does a magnificent job of explaining the details of Max, fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel’s adventurous life. I almost feel like I’m flying with them when they sore threw the sky. Maximum and the flock continue to drag threw their adventure to rescue Angel and go to New York to find out about their parents. This book is a thrilling page turner that keeps me wanting to read more.

The author James Paterson does an amazing job of making you feel like you’re in the characters shoes. I feel like it’s no joke in the prologue when Max is speaking about the dangers of the book. I actually feel like I’m fighting the hairy and ugly Erasers, and flying high through the blue sky. I can say that I know the flock personally with all their many and extremely different personalities.

The settings in the book are always changing from place to place because the flock is always moving around and especially flying. They do go to NYC in the book and the things that are described make you want to go to New York and experience the busy life there. You understand how crowded the streets are and the different types of people that you see there. The description is very detailed and reminds me of my own trip to New York.
The book can sometimes get quite confusing with its many different adventures and dangers between the different characters in the flock. One chapter Angel’s being captured at the school the next Max is off saving some innocent person so it’s hard to keep up from the changes the book goes through from chapter to chapter. This only happens in the beginning of the book. The excitement never ends though. I always feel the adventure on every page.

I recommend this book to middle school aged kids from 5th grade to 9th of any gender because this book can be read by all kids that like action and adventure books. Maximum Ride: the Angel Experience is only the first book in the series so I also recommend that you read the rest of the series because the book’s plot continues on to the next book. Overall the book is very interesting and filled with thrilling details and hilarious characters.

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