Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson

April 17, 2012
Kaitlin Malone hates the Crutchfields. But when she starts her senior year at one of their schools, Bram Crutchfield challenges the hate. Kait surprisingly finds she is falling in love with Bram Crutchfield, and Bram Crutchfield is falling in love with Kaitlin Hampton. She hides her identity behind a fake name. But can she keep up the lies to Bram? And what will her family think if she falls in love with one of them? Can they all accept the unwanted truth Kait learns while at the Crutchfield’s house? Will Bram be able to forgive Kait and her family for taking away his father, the one terrible night that he died? Was it really an accident? Will Bram and Kait be the one to break the streak of hate between the Malones and the Crutchfields?

Scribbler of Dreams is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo as Bram and Kait as Juliet. Mary E. Pearson points to many themes through her characters, like the danger of lying to people you love. You can never build a relationship on lies, as Kait finds out. Pearson tells Kait‘s story in first person, putting me right next to her as she weaves a thick web of lies.

I would recommend this book to girls twelve and up. I couldn’t decide when, or if, she would tell Bram the truth. The book left me thinking about the choices Kait made for those she loved, and how trying to protect them by telling lies hurt them in the end. Kait accepts the change of the truth about the two families, but will Bram?

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