Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

April 14, 2012
By sv_praveen_trichy GOLD, Parowan, Utah
sv_praveen_trichy GOLD, Parowan, Utah
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After reading many reviews about the book of Dickens, I thought of reading Charles dickens book, 'Oliver twist.' This book caught my attention as I wandered through the book stakes in the library.

Charles Dickens set this novel against the background of New Poor law of 1834. He narrated the effects caused by the industrial revolution through the character Oliver, a young orphan boy. Oliver spends his first nine years in a Baby farm, hardest place to survive, After nine years of spending in Baby farm. Oliver was sold as an undertaker as a result asking more food in ware house.

Later, Olive escape London and become a friend of Artful Dodger, a young thief. Oliver was introduced to Bill Skies, an evil man and his gang. While Oliver stayed with the thief gang, he was helped by a Nancy, a thief in Bill's gang. Nancy corrupted by evil Bill in her youth, but she was an unselfish girl who saved Olive many times.

Another notable character in this book is Rose Maylie. Oliver along with his gang once attempts to rob in Maylie's home. Olive was shot by Maylie's butler Giles. When they heard about Olive's history, they nursed him back to health.

After experienced several sufferings in life, Olive finally managed to find Mr. Brownlow an old friend of Olive's father. He later adopted Olive as his son.

Dickens wrote this novel with little humorous and with emotional feelings. In some parts I cried when and I read, but this book was a comical one and has good ending. 'Oliver twist' was a bulky one, but has enough deserve to read.

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pollyanna said...
on Jun. 20 2015 at 4:55 am
nice thx to u ....i finished my h.h.w it must be a nice book .must read this book !can u write review of adventures of tom sawyer and huckleberry fin


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