A Boy Called "It" book review

April 10, 2012
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A Boy Called “It” is a true story about the terror young David had to live through. It is a firsthand story of one of the most severe child abuse cases ever in California. In Daly City, life for David had started out like any other child’s. He had a loving family and often went on outings with his mother, father and his brother’s. However, David recalls his mother beginning to get sick and then things started to change for him. Soon David’s mother begins to abuse him in inhuman ways and makes him play her torturous games. Whether it’s for her own sick amusement, or he was just the target of her anger, it is a story that will leave you heartbroken and it is not for the weak stomached. A Boy Called “It” is part of a three book trilogy and it has left me craving to know more about this now amazing man and his struggles at home as well as his fight for freedom. This book begins to explain his situation when he was younger and also goes in detail to some of the punishments and games his mother made him participate in. It is about his struggles at home but more importantly it shows that if you have faith eventually you will escape. David had often thought about taking his own life or just wanting to be dead but he never gave up. Sometimes in life we are faced with situations at home where it seems like the end, but this book will change your opinion of what bad family life really is like. Child abuse will always be what it is but if he could get through the torture his mother put him through, those with less severe cases can make it though as long as they believe they will one day be free. This book opened my mind up to child abuse and I realized that a fight at home, minor physical discipline for no reason, or threats of being thrown on the street are nothing compared to what this young boy endured. It made me realize that anything is possible; even when strength has been completely drained from your body, your will to go on is what will make you a true survivor. I recommend this book and also the other two books in this trilogy to anyone but those with the faint of heart read cautiously. Tears will be shed for this poor boy and his younger years, but in the end, know that he did make it out alive and David Pelzer is now a successful man with his own son whom he loves very much.

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