Payback by Paul Langan

April 5, 2012
By shadejajohnson BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
shadejajohnson BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
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Book Review
Book Title: Payback
Author: Paul Langan

Have you ever had someone push you to your ultimate breaking point that you'll do anything to get revenge? Well the book Payback by Paul Langan is all about revenge. I have just finished reading many pages of pure greatness. Do you love suspenseful, realistic and truthful books? If so you will enjoy this book. I will give you a little sneak peek but you'll have to read the rest to get more.

The setting of this book is in different places: outside, inside, home, school etc. The biggest and atrocious bully in Buford high school, Tyray Hobbs, rules the school. When Darrell mercer comes all things become different. Tyray bullies Darrell but he stands up to Tyray. They started to fight, Darrell ends up breaking Tyray arm and basically beating him up. This is when Tyray life becomes different. Suspended for 3 days, broken arm, mother upset, and father slaps him around for getting beat up, Tyray is so angry at Darrell. With an unstable family, no supportive friends, and people who use to be afraid of him now threatening, him he wants revenge. He wants a gun. What will happen? You'll have to read it yourself.
I think the writing style that the author is trying to portray is elaborate, delightful, and truthful. What I like about this book is that it was high school related. Since it was I could make very great connections and predictions about it. I also liked that by reading this book it can teach you some life lessons and that it wasn't as boring as I thought it was actually suspenseful instead. What I didn't like about this book was that I wanted it to be longer.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading one and for anyone who likes realistic, truthful and engaging story. I would say the book is mainly high school related but a good story is a good story so anyone should read it. I wouldn't recommend to a person who mainly like funny, informational, or ponderous.

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