The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

April 3, 2012

The Book of Tomorrow is a magical modern-age tale. Lead character is a 16-year old girl--Tamara Goodwin. Being from a rich family, she is used to getting her own way and strongly believes in the policy of "My way or the Highway!"
Then, suddenly, her father commits suicide because of excessive debts and stress, causing her and her mother to leave Dublin and live with some mysterious relatives (supposedly, her uncle and aunt). With this move, Tamara's life changes majorly. Now surrounded by people she considers to be naive and weird, relatives that are rather peculiar, she longs for her old life. Her mother decides to stay alone in her room and sleep all day. As Tamara investigates her new environment, she discovers a magical journal that reveals her diary entries the day before she even writes them (hence justifying the name of this book). As she reads the entries in the diary she becomes aware of her family's big secret, the nearby Kilsaney castle and a local nun- Sister Ignatius.
Tamara also meets two handsome boys in the midst of her spying, and doesn't think once before sleeping with one of them, which lands her in a big mess. The story should especially appeal to the young adult/teenage crowd, not only with the romantic scenario, but the involvement of mystery, thrill and a charismatic authenticity.
What I didn't quite like in this book was that the character of Tamara Goodwin doesn't seem much like a teenager. But other than this, I found the book pretty interesting and would definitely recommend it.

Things to be aware of: Suicide, Teenage drinking, (not very graphic) sex scene.

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