April 1, 2012
By Shannon Moulton BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Shannon Moulton BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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In the novel, Missing, written by Lindsay Harrison, Lindsay tells of how her life went downhill when her mother went missing for 6 weeks. Soon after, Lindsay (18), and her brothers, Chris(22) and Brad(19), soon learned that their mother, Michelle, committed suicide. Their mother was their best friend and she left them without any warning. The two brothers didn't take the suicide as hard as Lindsay did. Lindsay started drinking, doing drugs, and tried to commit suicide. Fights started to arise between the three of them and they began to lose and drift away from each other.

Lindsay felt alone and that she would always feel depressed and sad. In the end, Lindsay, Brad, and Chris realized that in order to get through this they needed each other for support. Lindsay starts to get help from therapists and be herself again. The three of them soon realize that throughout all of the commotion, they became stronger and closer.

Lindsay realized that her strengths were her friends, family, and being active to keep herself from thinking too much. Lindsay's weaknesses were that she wanted answers that she couldn't have and that the more she looked into the suicide, the more trouble she found herself getting into. Lindsay realized that her strengths helped her to get through the hardest downfall in her life.

There are many interesting things about this book. Lindsay doesn't hide the issues that she faces, but instead she writes about and confronts them. The main conflict that she faces is the fear that her best friend actually left her without any reason or warning. Lindsay cannot deal with not knowing the facts of her mother's death.

As time goes on, she realizes that she will never get those answers but life goes on. The concerns that are relevant to today's world that are in this book is that most people don't realize that no matter how hard life gets, there's always help. Also, if you have the right people around you, you can always get through rough times, as shown in this book. I would recommend this book because it's a complete true story and it shows how Lindsay looks back on her life and how she deals with her mother suicide. The book also doesn't lack details with the most important parts like Lindsay doing drugs and trying to commit suicide. I would recommend this book because many people feel the way Lindsay did and it shows how many life lessons show up in conflicts. Lindsay has a very interesting writing style. She tells the truth without any hesitation and she keeps the book interesting. Missing is a memoir that tells of how a family gets through a suicide that was tearing their lives apart.

The author's comments:
This was a true story called Missing, written by Lindsay Harrison.

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