The Goddess Test by Aiméé Carter

March 25, 2012
By BookwormGal1020 BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
BookwormGal1020 BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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I was browsing the local Barnes & Noble's Young Adult Fiction section and came across a book titled The Goddess Test by Aiméé Carter. I looked on the back cover and read about the book. I thought since I read the Percy Jackson series, I would like this book about greek gods and goddesses.
I believed the book to be filled with action with a tinge of romance. I was so wrong about that judgement. This book was a complete romance with a little bit of action and some fantasy elements. Do not get me wrong it was a good book and kept me hung on every word.
The book was about Kate who moves to Eden, New York. Eden was the hometown of Kate's mother. Kate's mother was going to die and Kate wanted her to die in a place of familiaty. As Kate enrolls in the local school she meets Ava who is a very popular cheerleader who becomes Kate's friend. Then, Kate meets Herny who tells her that he is Hades, god of the underworld. Not believing Henry, Ava invites Kate to a bonfire. Kate trusts Ava and follows her to the bonfire and, then finds out it was all a hoax. Ava slips into the river and bangs her head badly and dies. Kate tries to save her friend and is unsuccsesful. Kate spots Herny and promises to read the myth about Persepone in exchange for Herny to bring Ava back to life.
Herny is succesful in bring her back to life and Kate reads Persepone's myth. Kate's life turns upside down as Herny perswades her to spend 6 months in Eden Manor with Herny. There, Kate is forced to pass 7 tests in which the other girls fail. Kate starts to fall in love with Henry as she spends these 6 months there.
I believed it to be a very good book which every teen should read. There is a very promising place for the sequel which comes out March 27, 2012. I very much recommed this book for both boys and girls.

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