Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

March 22, 2012
QueenLiz BRONZE,
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I look up new books on the Barnes and Noble website and if they interest me I buy them for my kindle. I had happened upon this book a couple of times and thought nothing of it. One day I decided to give it a chance. I was rewarded by my decision. As I read the first couple of pages I was drawn in by the characters and the intense events that were unfolding. In the beginning a boy named Jasper Jones, the town outcast, comes to a boy named Charlie’s window and tells him he is in trouble. Charlie soon finds out what terrible event has occurred. Of course, I won’t tell you because it will give away the most suspenseful part of the plot. I will tell you now that some parts of the book are slow but keep reading because it will eventually pick up with interesting twists. The book will eventually have your entire attention at the end. I definitely think this book is worth reading. It is a story of childhood innocence and the way that it can suddenly be taken from you. It is book that everyone should take the time to read.

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