Unwind by Niel Shusterman

March 22, 2012
People react differently in life threatening situations. Some people shy away, and the others rise to the occasion. However, in this situation the choices are rise up, or become a walking organ donation. It comes down to survival of the bravest. This situation becomes ”the story of my life” for many. This is exactly what happens when a boy is claimed to be too uncontrollable for anybody to handle, an orphan that is deemed to useless, and a boy who is to be donated from birth. These stories are what play out in this book. Unwind, by Neil Shusterman, is an action packed getaway story that I believe anybody could love.

Unwind, the thrilling novel written by Neil Shusterman, portrays the strength, courage, and spirit that kids can have. This book starts off viewing a teenager named Connor who is scheduled to be unwound. (Unwinding is the process that lets a parent or guardian of a teen decide to donate them so all of their body is donated to someone else who needs it.) This then leads to him running away. However, Connor ends up causing a major car crash and traffic jam setting our other two main characters, Lev and Risa, free. This car crash sets the stage for the whole book. That is the basis of Unwind.

Strength comes in numbers. That is the theme that I got from the book Unwind. One example is that when the unwinds are alone, they usually don’t think, act, or stay put, which usually results in them getting unwound. However, when these kids are amongst each other, they can almost accomplish anything. It almost seems like the movie Moneyball. They both take a bunch of misfits and bring them together which makes their skills really depend on each other. That is the theme that I got from Unwind.

However good Unwind is, there are still some thing that I think could be confusing to the reader and I think could have been better. First of all, throughout the book, a new chapter brings a different perspective. Usually the perspective change happens between the three main characters Connor, Risa, and Lev. However, during the book, a perspective can change from a 3rd person perspective on a character, to a 1st person perspective on a character. For me, this makes me think the chapter title is telling me one name but the chapter is giving me the other. That is my only complaint in the book Unwind.

I think that this book can appeal to almost anyone who picks it up. No matter if you prefer sci-fi, fantasy, or even realistic fiction, I still think you have the potential to crave this book. Furthermore, I recommend this book to anybody and everybody. I believe that this book could be read by anybody. If I could rate this book I would definitely rate it five stars. That is my opinion and recommendation for the book Unwind.

In conclusion, Unwind is a wonderful nook stuffed full of action and suspense. The author will take you to a future where a teen can turn from being happy, to being a fugitive with the stroke of a pen. This book is a fantastic read and that I definitely would rate five stars. It can however have its confusing moments. Will Risa, Connor, and Lev be captured? Will they escape the grasp of the jouvie cops until they are 18? To find out, you will have to read the book Unwind!

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