Fat Kid Rules The World by K.L Going

March 22, 2012
By Westsyed BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Westsyed BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Gaining weight is a bad thing, right? Body fat can ruin your life if you are a model, an actress, or anyone who needs to be “slim”; but not if you’re Troy Willington. At first, he wanted to kill himself because he was massively over-weighted. Instead, he met a half homeless student, Curt, and together, they went on a one-way road to adventure. This plot shows how body mass can be avoided and distracted. Fat Kid Rules The World, by K.L. Going, is a must read, humorous, and entertaining story.

In the book, Fat Kid Rules the World, there is a problem with obesity. In most likely cases, the topic “obesity” usually means a negative thing. On the other hand, this book talks about how obesity isn’t a really bad thing. Troy and Curt work through it and eventually find a way to ignore it. Throughout the book, Troy wonders father away from the topic to weight.

I would really suggest this book to people that have an interest in worldwide problems. I would also suggest it to people that have a good sense of humor. This book explains how some people think it’s funny to be fat. Troy almost killed himself to make a “joke”. There are many reasons why I would suggest this book to young adolescents. There are many suspenseful moments throughout the plot, there are situations where you might predict the character(s)’s next move, or there could be situations where you just have to get emotional. I would really recommend this book to other readers.

The book was great from start to finish. The plot was descriptive and the actions were realistic. The book was like a multiple-choice test. The situations were so realistic; you could even put yourself in the character’s shoes. There was one point in the book where Troy lied about playing the drums and that lie lead to Troy and Curt forming a band. If I were Troy, I would’ve lied too.

Some improvements the author could’ve made were the perspectives. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what other characters felt. At one point in the book, Curt was invited for brunch with Troy. In the café, I felt as if Curt was feeling horrible, but I could never know. The perspective was only from Troy’s point of view. It’s not that Troy’s perspective is not bad; it’s just that I want to know more opinions.

In conclusion, Fat Kid Rules the World, by K.L. Going is an amazing suspenseful story. Even through parts of the story can be bland, the rest of the adventure is amazing. One scene in the book is when Troy lies about playing the drums and almost gets arrested. You may be wondering how this might’ve happened. A lot of actions are usually explained later in the plot. Body fat can spice up the lives of many lives. So, don’t run to the fitness center immediately. Wait for adventure to come running your way.

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