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SWEAR TO HOWDY by Wendelin van Draanen

March 22, 2012
By KingofJerk BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
KingofJerk BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I was the fashion of humanity in love with my name and as young educated people do i wrote it every where- Goeth 1812

The first time Rusty met Joey it was a hot summer day, the heat of the air sweltered the two boys like a thanksgiving pie in the oven. The two boys became best friends in an instant. With each turn of a page comes a new secret that you as the reader feel the need to hide as well. As you read on you feel like you are in the adventure to. I think the best part of being young is the adventures, the secrets, and the true friendships, and that’s why reading the book Swear to Howdy by Wendelin Van Draanen will make those great times from child hood comeback.

The theme I understood was that when you hide secrets that are too big to handle they eat you up inside. For example in this book each time the boys have a adventure they always run into secrets the have to swear each of them wont tell was trying to show. In conclusion the main theme I got from the book Swear to Howdy was keeping secrets can eat you alive.

I like many things about this book. One thing I really enjoyed the characters, they were so funny and interesting and you as the a soul about there adventures. I think having small secrets that are harmless are okay but when it comes to a life of death situation that is no time for secrets. When you keep a secret that you know could hurt somebody one day it might just come back out of now where and smack you right in the face, I think that’s what the author reader felt like you had known them your whole life. I like that the author made a very clear message in the book, and made it clear wear the message was coming from. I also thought the author ended a book with mystery that you could find with your imagination. In conclusion I really enjoyed many things about this book.

There were also some things I didn’t like about this book. One thing I did not like was that some of the books chapters would be off topic from the previous chapter. I also didn’t like how there was know opinion from other characters except for Joey, and Rusty. I found the righting style hard to follow in some areas, making it hard to understand some things. In conclusion it was a great read but in some places hard to follow.

There are many ways I feel I could summarize this book. This book is an action packed, interesting, and mysterious book; I think this book is meant for people who need a little action and excitement in their read. When I read it I had a hard time putting it down. This book is definitely a great read and I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure. In conclusion this book is great for any one who is looking for a thrill.

All in all, Swear to Howdy is a great novel. Though some of the writing style was hard to follow it is a great book. With Joeys abusive dad, and two mean sisters will there young 12 year old curios minds lead them into trouble that is one of the many question you will be asking if you read Swear to Howdy. I really loved the author’s way of describing the scene it made me feel as if I were really there. I think the adventures you have as a kid are the ones you never forget so relive your childhood adventures by reading Swear to Howdy by Wendelin Van Draanen.

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