Ghostgirls by Tonya Hurley

March 22, 2012
By MimaM BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
MimaM BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Death. Doesn’t that word haunt you? Taunt you? Ever think about the future? Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley gives you a sense anyone can die at any age. It also gives you a scary story idea. Girl chokes. Loves her life. Death was waiting for her all along. This book shows death is going to happen so live your life to its fullest. This story is a combination of mystery, romance, and drama that I’d recommend to people of this genre.

This book is about popularity. Charlotte Usher gets partnered up with the love of her life, Damen but also the boyfriend of the popular Petula. The result of this she chokes on a gummy bear and dies. Now, she has school to attend while she’s dead. The purpose of this school is to let go of your past life of when you were living. Not getting that message, ghost Charlotte stalks Damen. While she’s dead, she has only one dead friend. In the school, they give her a book with multiple things she can do as a ghost including possessing someone. The dead Ed school, the school that Charlotte now goes to, has a campus they need to save. In the real world people are getting ready to go to the fall ball. Will charlotte posses someone just to go out with Damen? Is the campus going to be saved? It’s on your hands to figure out.

People need to let go of their past in order to grow. This is the theme I got from Ghostgirl. The main character needs to let go of her past in order to graduate and every time she doesn’t, she gets scrambled in her past. Also, she gets into more trouble and she’s hurting plus using the people around her like they’re nothing. The outcome of this book for me is that people need to let go of their past in order to grow.

The author, Tonya Hurley, mostly talks in one point of view though it narrates through out the story. The one point of view is the main character Charlottes although it’s the most significant. I see her point of view unique and for myself harder to relate to. Therefore there is a pro and a con for having only one point of view. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily make the book worse.

Which brings me to my next point; there are a lot of pros and cons in this book. There is only one point of view that could be taken either way plus things happen too fast in my opinion. Even though this is a fiction story, it’s surreal as in some parts; they aren’t which could also be taken either way. A con would be in the beginning, it doesn’t make sense but a pro would be that this is a great book that captures you with its mystery.

In conclusion, this story is a combined genre of mystery, romance, and drama that I’d recommend to anyone who loves a book of mystery! Death is a word that haunts and taunts lots of people. Death could happen at any age. This is the basis of the story; girl chokes, loves her life, but death was too demanding. Live your life to the fullest!

The End?

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