The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

March 21, 2012
By swaggmuffin BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
swaggmuffin BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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The Hunger Games aren’t your average games, they’re a fight for survival. This action packed novel written by Suzann Collins is filled with violence, drama, tragedies and suspense. When Katniss Everdeen is put in the arena her life is transformed into a nightmare. She knows that 24 kids from the age of 12-18 go into the arena, but only one comes out. As friends are lost new allies are made for Katniss. How will she survive having no training other than a bow and arrow? Will she have to betray her allies to survive? Life for Katniss in the arena will be lethal, scary, and most certainly dreadful. The Hunger Games is an outstanding book for all young adult and adult readers looking for an amazing read.

The Hunger Games is a book that takes place in a futuristic utopian society. In the book there is an annual event that occurs. The name of this event is The Hunger Games. Each of the 12 districts of Panem, the land mass that the society is located on, must raffle two kids from the age 12-18 to fight till the death in an unpredictable arena until only one kid remains. When a girl’s 12-year-old sister is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, she volunteers to fight in her place. You will have to read The Hunger Games to find out if Katniss, the girl that volunteers for her sister to keep her safe, will survive in the arena.

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is a fabulously written book. Suzanne wrote this book from Katniss’ point of view. Although this book is written from only one perspective if you get really into it you can infer how other characters are feeling too. Suzanne also writes the book in a way that when a death or a dramatic scene takes place you can sometimes be more affected then the other characters in the book.

Occasionally there are some very intense scenes that might be a little overwhelming for a younger audience. In my opinion you should be pretty mature to read this book. I would recommend that you are at least from 10-12 to read this book. This book is filled with violence, killing and extremely dramatic scenes that make your eyes water. There is also a ton of ploy in this story and some readers might find it tough to follow.

Teamwork is key, which is the lesson that I learned from The Hunger Games. When Peeta and Katniss are trapped in the arena they depend on each other for food, water, warmth and protection. If Katniss didn’t have Peeta she would have frozen to death and if Peeta didn’t have Katniss he would have bled out. This reminds me of when I play hockey I need my teammates in the same way. You could be the best hockey player in the world, but without a team you are nothing. I always try to help my team by scoring, assisting, or preventing goals and when everyone on my team is trying their hardest we are hard to beat.

All in all, The Hunger Games is a book that is more than just a good read it is an extraordinary one. From the passion to the deaths The Hunger Games is a mind blowing book. When Katniss’ life is on the line you will feel all of the intensity she does. If you were thrown in the arena how would you survive? If your life was ever in danger how would you react? These are some questions that Katniss Everdeen has to answer every day, so read The Hunger Games to find out what Katniss’ answers to these questions are.

The author's comments:
The Hunger Games is an amazing book and I wanted to review it to let people know that it is a must read!

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