The Enemy by Charlie Higson

March 15, 2012
By ArsenalBoy BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ArsenalBoy BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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If you don’t like zombies then you should put this down and jump off a cliff. If you do… WOW!!! You made a great choice picking this review to read. If you read this book, you will enter the lives of kids about be terrorized by zombies. You will learn about the danger and life- threatening journey these kids have to get through. The novel, The Enemy, written by Charlie Higson is a spectacular, thrilling, and mind boggling story this is a must read book.

In this spectacular thriller set in London, everyone over 16 is dead or diseased, and youngsters are in constant danger of being eaten by boil-infested grown-ups. These monsters roam the streets looking for children to kill. The kids are led by teens Arran and Maxie, and they set out from the uncertain safety of an abandoned supermarket to travel to Buckingham Palace, where a young messenger, Jester, promises them that food, medicine, and Protection are available. In addition, Small Sam, a kid that everybody loves hah been abducted by zombies and feared dead. When they arrive at Buckingham Palace, Maxie decides that David, the teen leader, is too tyrannical, and she must regain control or convince them to leave for a new location. You must read to find out what happens to the kids, will there lives ever be the same again???

My main problem with this book is that I didn't really connect to the characters at all. This issue that has two sources: The book is written from different points of view; the book skips around from one person's thoughts to another too quickly to relate to the characters. The cast of characters is huge, with 50 Waitrose kids, plus all the other folks they bump into. Shoot, we even get one or two zombie perspectives. This means that the reader spends so little time with the one character that it's hard to form a connection. In addition, Characters drop like fruit flies. It is like a character dies in almost every couple of pages in this book. I didn't want to get too attached or pick any favorites because there was a good chance the character would be dead before the end of the book. However, this is an amazing book, and it is one of the greatest books I have ever read. So even though there are some negatives, don’t hesitate to buy this book. You will love it! Out of 10 I give this book 9.8

The theme of this book is to try to remain calm in the face of danger. In life, it is important maintain a positive attitude even when things are going badly. Additionally, I think another theme is to stick together in times of chaos. For example, there were kids that went into the street early and they died because they were alone. In danger you can find strength in numbers. So these are the themes I got, but for you it might be different!

All in all, this book was a fantastic journey and impossible to put down. I loved it, and the way Charlie Higson ended was amazing. It left you wanting more and made you want to read the next book in the series. The next book is The Dead, and I loved it too. So this is a must read for people that love drama, action, mystery, and most importantly zombies!! This adventure is filled with killing, danger, and puss-oozing parents who want to eat their kids!!! You must read this book to find out if the kids survive!

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