Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

March 13, 2012
I have enjoyed the Fallen series, though they are not my favorite books, and Passion was my favorite of the lot, so I figured I would enjoy this collection of stories set during Passion. After reading them all, my impression could be summed up with a shrug. There wasn't anything to keep you on the edge of your seat and the stories were a little stilted and predictable. Roland and Arriane's stories give you a little bit of insight into their personalities and past, but not a lot.

Love Where You Least Expect It, Shelby and Miles' story, was rather sweet and shy as the two of them finally get together. While their romance was kind of cute, the story itself was kind of dull. There were several opportunities for them to get into uncomfortable and entertaining situations, but they always fizzled out.

Love Lessons, Roland's tale, was probably my favorite of the lot. He goes to see the woman he loved and lost, only to find her already happily married and in danger of losing her husband to the crusades. Roland is left with a choice to either help him on his way to death or protect his love's future happiness.

Burning Love, Arriane's valentine, is a story of forbidden love between an angel and one of Lucifer's demons. I found it to be a little disjointed and confusing, which lessened the intended emotional impact.

Endless Love was a typical chapter of Daniel and Lucinda's ongoing romance. Since it is one that takes place in medieval times, they cannot be together yet so it is a little sad, but not too sad because you already know what happens in Fallen, Torment and Passion. I liked the masquerade but other than that there really wasn't anything special.

This collection gets a solid meh from me. If you have read the other books in the series, it is worth borrowing but nothing else. I found myself thinking that the gorgeous cover was the best part of the book.

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NicholasJohnButlersGirl4-Ever said...
Aug. 31, 2012 at 9:13 am
LOVED this serise. I mean its so passonate the way they all find their love. I mean Shelby and Mile. Who wouldve thought?
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