The Road by Cormac McCarthy

March 13, 2012
By Brazerker BRONZE, Garretson, South Dakota
Brazerker BRONZE, Garretson, South Dakota
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This a weird, yet an interesting read. It was about this father and son who wonder the earth in a post-apocalyptic world trying to survive off that they can find. It had an interesting ending. The novel is written in the third person view.
It starts out with introducing the father and son. They didn’t say their names in the book. The environment of the novel is full of ashes and burned trees. The antagonists in the novel are the cannibal humans who will eat anything in order to survive. The father had with him a revolver with two shots. He told his son if you ever find yourself in a situation that he could end the pain and misery with a single shot. The father uses one shot on a man who was threatening his son. That left them with one bullet to spare. On the brink of starvation and thirst, they find a bunker willed with food. The bunker was too exposed in the open so they grabbed what they could and hit the road again.
There was the father and the son. They are the protagonist in the book. The antagonists are the human cannibals. It is tough to live out there in the wild with hungry animals and hungry humans that want to make you there next lunch or supper. There was mysterious man who wanted to eat the father’s son but the father shot him. At the end there were a woman and three kids who took in the boy when his father died. There weren’t that many characters in the novel, the struggled were more of starvation, thirst, and cannibals.
Carmac McCarthy also wrote No Country for Old Men and his first novel was The Orchard Keeper which was written in 1965. Carmac has written going on 11 books, 2 screenplays, and 2 plays. Carmac was born on July 22, 1933.
In my opinion this book was very well written and used very descriptive words. It had a sense of adventure, horror, and mystery in it. I wonder why he pictured a post apocalyptic setting for the setting. At first I imagined that the cannibals were zombies, then I read it again as is and I like the cannibalistic humans better.
All in all it was an amazing book, and I advice it to any person who loves horror and post apocalyptic settings. This is my review for The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

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