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Monster High 3: Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way by Lisi Harrison

March 12, 2012
By NatalieE.B. BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
NatalieE.B. BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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Lisi Harrison, an admired author of mine, captivates readers in her fiction series’ third book Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way. The Monster High series takes place in Salem, Oregon where famous monsters and their families secretly live amongst humans in day to day society. However everything changes when spunky, green-skinned Frankie Stein (A monster) is put in the picture. Frankie joins the mix of humans and other monster and tries to bridge the gap between these two different worlds. When she convinces the others to not hide behind their make up any longer and show who they really are, chaos occurs. Frankie and her friends; Draculara, Blue, Cleo, Jackson, Clawdeen, and Billy all feel the wrath of stereotypes and judge mental human beings. It is up to Melody, a good natured human or normie as the monsters say, and Frankie to get everyone out of the mess. Along the way Melody finds more acceptances in the group of monsters and even finds her on voice being able to change things. Will people accept the monsters for who they are or will judgments destroy the town? Lisi Harrison creates a fantastic story through its unique aspect and overall theme.
In reading this book or by simply reading the title the reader can already tell that the story will be very unique. However it is the characters and story structure that make it this way. Most of the characters are monsters or as they say RADs, Regular Attribute Dodgers. They, just like people, have hobbies and interests but on a different scale. One of the main character’s in this book is Clawdeen a werewolf. Like many teenagers she enjoys shopping and getting her nails done. But because of her appearance she must constantly shave her fur which grows rapidly especially during the full moon. All the characters share unique traits which are shown through chapters in their point of view. In a repeating pattern (Frankie, Melody, and then Clawdden.) the main characters tell part of the story from their perspective. This makes the reading more enjoyable and distinct.

In the book Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way, the author focuses on how stereotypes can affect someone’s life and how stupid they are. Readers develop an understanding with the characters and a friendship with them too. Seeing how cruel some people treat them raises the real question. Who are the monsters, the mummies, sea serpents, and vampires or humans willing to kill creatures that didn’t actual hurt anybody or anything? I feel that this theme of the series is amplified in this book because even people like Melody see that they are more like the RADs than they imagined. Melody had always accepted them but now she feels like humans feelings about monsters are against her too. This theme is universal and one that should be spread and understood anywhere.

In conclusion, the book Where There’s A Wolf, There’s A Way spreads the message of how bad stereotyping can be all through a compelling story with unique characters and interesting plot. I highly recommend the Monster High series and this book which is my personal favorite.

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