Don’t You Dare Read this, Mrs.Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson Haddix

March 8, 2012
By karate8princesspinkM SILVER, San Gabriel, California
karate8princesspinkM SILVER, San Gabriel, California
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In this book( or should I say “journal”), which consists of 125 pages, a girl name Tish, is the main character, of this amazing book, by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Tish lives her life with her adorable 8 year old brother Matt, and her depressed mom. Tish isn’t the “A” student at her school–she’s the “D” student, since she spends her time trying to earn money to help her mom pay off the bills. And when her dad comes back, he’s all nice, and wasn’t trying to hit her, or her mom.

When her dad leaves–again–her mom runs after him, and left Tish and Matt by themselves to fend for themselves, Tish is terrified, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it. This book, is basically a journal that Tish’s teacher, Mrs.Dunphrey makes her students write in, and they could mark their entries, “Don’t you dare read this,” and Mrs.Dunphrey won’t read it. When things get too out of hand, would Tish tell someone about her problem? Or will she keep it to herself, and not tell anyone of it?

Read to find out.

I don’t really dislike anything in this book, except for the cover, because I think it freaks me out at night. Imagine you sleeping, then something woke you up, and you turn the lamp on your nightstand on, and you find half a face–like those “goth chicks”. You would be freaked out right?

I really like how Tish loves her brother so much, that nothing could come between their relationship. Tish would blow off plans with her friends, to spend time with her brother. She would do anything to have her brother sleep on a full stomach. She starves so he could eat. This just reminds me, that sometimes, I have to give more to my brother. I know that sometimes he’s really annoying, and could be a pest, but he’s my younger brother, so I have to look out for him. If anyone tries to hurt him, I’ll probably threaten them to leave him alone.

“She told me once that her failing was pride. I didn’t know what she meant then, but maybe that’s what she was talking about”(71). I don’t really know how to comprehend this quote. I just put this quote in this post, because it makes me think deeper, between the lines. I kind of get it, but I don’t completely understand it. In my opinion, it’s about how a person will rather let others’ opinions get in the way, so they end up not doing the right thing.

“But I keep waking up every morning to the same old life. Bummer”(72). It’s just the fact that you’re wishing something extravagant to happen to you–like hoping to wake up to find Taylor Laughtner at your door, but instead you see your brother(since he locked himself out by accident). Disappointment is what you get. Just the same old thing, in your same old boring life.

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