Beastly by Alex Flinn

March 8, 2012
Kyle Kingsbury has everything he wants, the hottest girl in school for the dance, the being prince of the dance, a rich father, he is “hot” or what others can say. “beautiful” and is well, perfect. He then accouters with a real witch. Yes, a real witch. This witch, cast a spell on Kyle, and turned him into a monster, with claws, fangs, and hair all over the place. The only way Kyle can change back, is if he loves a girl, and she loves him back, not because of his appearance, but because of his inside.

I don’t like Kyle’s father very much in this novel. Although his father is famous, and has a lot of money, but it doesn’t mean that Kyle’s father isn’t shallow. When Kyle’s father found out that his son was ugly, he then abandons Kyle. This shows how much the human eye can see. It can only look at others appearance and judge it, rather than looking at the personality, or what the person really is on the inside. Only people that mastered their eyes, can look past that ugliness, and reach out and get to know people better, not for their appearances, but for there personalities, and what is inside, are real people, people that represent planet Earth.

I really like the trust that Linda has for Adrian( Kyle’s new name, new identity), even though he’s holding her captive. ” ‘Trust me?’ I held my breath for her answer. She had every reason not to trust me. I’d been her kidnapper, her captor, yet I’d rather died than hurt a single hair on her head. I hoped that after five months of living with me, she knew that”(229-230). It shows that she reached out, to reach out to him, to understand what’s he’s going through. She knows him enough to know that he wouldn’t hurt her, so she trusts him, trusts him to not hurt her. If only people these days are like Linda. If people are like her, then, this world wouldn’t have locks on doors at night, or passwords for e-mail addresses, or any passwords at all-since you know no one is going to invade through your personal items, or anything, you know that the person wouldn’t do anything bad to you-you would be safe.

” I sensed her arrival at the bus station (10:27) and knew the time ( 11:05) when her bus left the station. I didn’t watch these things in the mirror. I just knew. There was no movie ending. There was only an ending” (254). This quote is one of my favorites, since everything Kyle/Adrian tried, nothing he could do, could let him take back what he said to make Linda go away, to make her leave him. This is one of the moments where I could kind of relate to. Sometimes I do something wrong, or make a really, really, really stupid mistake, I really want to take it back, and start over again. Or when I’m talking to someone, and something slipped out of my mouth, so, I want to take it back, but I can’t.

” ‘Without her, I have no hope, no life. I will live in misery and die alone’ ” (258). This shows how much Kyle/Adrian loves Linda. She is his life. I can kind of relate to what he is going through, since I have read other books, that are kind of like this. Like Edward and Bella. Edward cannot live without Bella, and Bella cannot live without Edward. There love is too strong. Same with Kyle/Adrian and Linda. Adrian cannot live without Linda, and Linda misses and misses every single day. I can relate to that, since I cannot survive two weeks without my mom. (Not that she cooks meals for me…) I’d miss her way too much.

” ‘Better?’ I went from holding her hand to hugging her. ’Lindy, you loved me when I wasn’t even human. You kissed me when I had no lips. You saw what was deep down inside me when I wasn’t sure myself. Believe me, there’s no way I could do better. I think you’re perfect’ ” (294). Adrian finally admits that someone was perfect, and that he isn’t. This is the first time or second time in the book he mentions that. Sometimes, I wish I would be able to do that. But I can’t. I can admit someone’s better than me, and that someone is perfect, but I’m not, but I’ll hate-no, just dis-like them. We, as humans, can’t admit that, without hating that person. But Adrian did, and he didn’t say that with regret, but with pride, to tell her/show her, he really means it. I wish someday, I’ll be able to do this.

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trblue said...
Mar. 14, 2012 at 9:12 am
i have not seen the movie but i know it sucks. this is the type of book where the book is a lot better trust me and if u seen the film i am so sorrry
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