Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

March 8, 2012
First things first. I read this book a long time ago, and I am re-reading it.

I haven’t finish re-reading it yet, but I will. I am currently of page 678.

This saga is mostly about Isabella Swan, or Bella for short. She and her relationship with her vampire, Edward Cullen is unbreakable. She wants to become a vampire, but Edward does not want her to become what he is.

He then realizes that she is stubborn, and will only give in to Bella, but under one condition–she has to marry him first.

Of course she marries him, and they have a baby girl–Renesmee, half human, half vampire child, and Edward’s “cousin”,(it is very hard to explain, so please, bear with me) goes to the Volturi( the vampire police), and the Cullens, the werewolves, are in grave danger, can Bella save Renesmee, and Edward, along with everyone else she loves, or will she fail, along with the others that try to help her and her husband?

Read to find out.

I really like the romance, and twists in this story line. In the most recent book, Eclipse, Jacob and Edward fight for Bella’s love. Of course, Edward wins–after all, he is her true love, but Jacob is also loved by Bella, but Bella knows that she loves Edward more than Jacob. Jacob stops loving Bella in a romancey[okay, I know this isn't a real word, but I it is the only thing that I could think of] way. ” ‘How dare you imprint on my baby? Have you lost your mind?’ “(449) _____ said to Jacob. I really can’t say who, because that will be spoiling the book for you. This twist that Stephanie Meyer added into this sci-fi, horror, romance novel, makes everyone pause and say, ” wait, what just happened?’ All of a sudden you’re expecting this criminal’s girlfriend or such to be on his side, but instead, out of no where, she goes to the police’s side–a whole different twist, that you never expected. That scenario is somewhat similar to what type of twist, or irony Stephanie Meyer puts into this book. I love these parts, because it keeps the story line moving, and gets you addicted to reading more and more, and more–until the point you can’t stop.

1)”So this is really different. I was amazing now–to them and to myself. It was like I had been born to be a vampire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also make me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place i fit, the place I shined” (524). Bella use to be a girl who was smart, but wasn’t the smartest. She wasn’t the best at sports or anything like that–and now, she feels like she actually fits in. I have some moments like this. I am not the best at Martial Arts, I am not the best at music, I am not the best at Basketball, and I am not the best at swimming. I believe that I am not the best at any of these things. Do I love it? Yes, I love all of these activities, yet I am never the best, maybe one day, I will become the best, and I can shine, and fit into the group that I truly belong with. I know right now, that many of my friends are better at certain subjects than others. I haven’t figured out mines yet. But, hey, maybe Edward or one of the Cullens will bite me and I’ll become a vampire and find my true place, like Bella. Or maybe, I’ll find out that I am a Quilette werewolf, and I’ll be part of Jacob’s pack. I just have to wait for something to happen.

Thanks you for taking your time to read my blog post.


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