The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

March 8, 2012
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I was never into mythology until Rick Riordan started writing books with his main character Percy. I didn’t think it would be attainable, but he changed boring Greek and Roman mythology into a fascinating world of beliefs and history. The Son of Neptune is the most recent book that Rick Riordan has written and it should be recommended to everyone to read. In the Son of Neptune, a demi-god, Percy Jackson, wakes up from a deep sleep not remembering anything at all and fending up in a “new home” at Camp Jupiter. Annabeth is his love and the only one that he hasn’t forgotten. Percy knows his quest days are still to continue, just as he goes on the most important quest of all with Frank and Hazel which he had befriended with after his wake. They all go the Prophecy of Seven to succeed in saving their camp, getting back his memory, and saving the entire world. To accomplish and fulfill this, he must unite the Greek and Roman camps, the two camps that have a horrible history with each other.

Rick Riordan’s style of writing literally glues your hands, glue your eyes, and grab your attention to the current page. He also uses writing techniques especially using figurative language very often. He uses similes, metaphors, personification, and most of all very very very vivid details. As you can read, you can create a picture in your head of where the characters are and how the setting is. You can clearly picture the setting and the surroundings of the story. This story is so good but honestly goes by way too fast. The writing quality and the amazing story line makes the book even perfect than anyone would think it actually is.

His writing strategy is to leave us in suspense and mystery. He makes us want to read more blood-thirsty to know what is happening next. I’ve noticed after putting a lot of action that builds up to the top and then does the unexpected. He also leaves you hanging at the end, dun-dun-dun, where you can’t escape and have to wait for the next book to find out. He is the kind of author where after you read, you freak out, all curious, and you really can’t wait the months just for that next book to be finished and find out what will happen. Having all these ideas race through your mind wondering what can possibly happen, having you heart to beat faster and faster. Although Rick Riordan isn’t like Stephanie Meyers at all, he still amazes and grabs his readers into the book without all that lovey-dovey talk. He uses adventure and action while achieving the same amount of attention. It is not surprising all his books are like this.

This is honestly the most action packed book I’ve ever read. I like the vivid description used to make all this action and adventure because I feel it makes it more understanding and totally clear for the reader. I love the Son of Neptune very much, and I’m excited to see what’s to come next. I highly recommend it to any reader of any age.

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