The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

March 8, 2012
By Minney_Mouse BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
Minney_Mouse BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge."

"I love that book." " Jace is so...swoons in reverie)." "Oh my god! Jace!" " It's freaking good!" These are just some of the things I heard about, "The Mortal Instrument" series (before I read it). So, with those reviews, I felt nothing but compelled to track down these books and read them for myself. And before I knew it--I too, became one of "those" girls(squeal!).

Clary Fray, at 16 years old, has just discovered who she really is--a Shadowhunter. And what is a Shadowhunter, you may ask. Well, they are certainly not old witches and warlocks if that's what you're thinking. As a matter of fact, they are supernatural human beings that scour the world, ridding it from demons. In a world accompanied by vampires, werewolves, faeries, angels and more. Throughout the series, Clary explores her curiosity of being a Shadowhunter and almost gets killed a dozen times during the process. But, she (soon) discovers so MUCH...than she could of ever imagined to know. Things that hurt so much, that it almost kills her, and the people she loves as well.

Seriously though, this book is SO deep, it's like drugs, I just can't get enough! You feel what the characters feel. It gives you a numb pain, deep inside your chest, so when you breath, it hurts as though you are already dead or worse--heartbroken.

"About the ways the color of the sky changed during the day: about the pale sky of morning, the hot blue of midday, and the cobalt darkness of twilight." (City of Glass-Book#3-p.126). See this piece of figurative language, it literally takes you to another world--another place that you could never think possible. And I think that's what all great books should be able to do. Is that why you read? I know thats why I read. I read because, for once, even for a few hours, I can get out of my boring, dingy life and explore...wonder....learn.

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical while reading this book. I mean, vampires and werewolves? Really? I've never been one of those girls to pine over Twilight. But it was different than I expected it to be. Just like the characters.

They are so genuine--and real. Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Magnus, Luke, Jocelyn, Valentine and more! All with their own unique traits and quirks."...her mouth went dry and her throat swelled with the pressure not to cry. Crying would only make home feel worse." (City of Ashes-Book#2-p.215). At times like this, Jace (Clary's love interest) would probably be the first one to go comfort Clary. What's so great about Jace is that he's like no other. Even though he seems cruel and heartless at times, he has the most heart out of anyone in the book. With his tortured, demented childhood, you'd think he wouldn't even be close to human, but he's willing to put everything on th line just for the ones he loves. Amazing. Isn't? If everyone had the heart Jace has, maybe the world wouldnt be like it is now.

To be honest, I didn't always like reading. It was always more of an academic drag than pleasure. But it was only this year, that I have come to find a love for reading. And it all began with books with good qualities such as these, that have made me want more. So, if you are like I was, what are you waiting for? Go read the books! Thank you.

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