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Blood Ninja by Nick Lake

March 7, 2012
By Jarrod Nguyen BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
Jarrod Nguyen BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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"'Actually,' said Shusaku, 'they're not different. All ninjas are vampires.'" In the thrilling novel "Blood Ninja" by Nick Lane , a young peasant named Taro realizes that he is not who he really is. When ninjas attack his family and kill his father, he sets out on a quest with his best friend Hiro, and a good ninja named Shusaku. When Taro gets stabbed straight into the stomach with a sword, Shusaku has no way to keep Taro alive, except by turning him into a vampire. Taro learns that every ninja is a vampire, which is why all their work is done at night. While Taro trains to become a true ninja, he finds out he is the real son of one of the nation's leaders, Lord Tokugawa, who is rivals with Lord Oda. Lord Oda was the one who sent the ninjas to kill Taro, and Taro had to train in order to kill him. I think that everyone should read this book,as it has an excellent plot, and that it takes you into a journey that makes you not want to put the book down until you finish.

Everyone should read this book because it has an excellent plot. From the many problems that Taro faces on his journey to becoming a true ninja, to the suspense that gradually builds up, and explodes at the climax. "The truth is, Taro, you are Lord Tokugawa's son." This is when Shusaku tells Taro the truth about his family. Taro took in the information like he was drinking sticky honey. I would be shocked also if I found out I was the son of a powerful lord. Taro never really does ever get to meet his father later into the book, but I'm sure that he will meet his father someday. In conclusion, all of the minor conflicts and events in the story create the perfect plot, full of suspense.

The second reason why everyone should read this book is that it takes you on an exciting journey that will keep you reading 'till you finish. When I got this book, I thought, "Okay, I'm just going to finish this book and move on to another book." I didn't think that the book would be nearly as good as it really is. As the famous saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover." I hope that I will get to read more books like "Blood Ninja" as I continue to read more books. In conclusion, "Blood Ninja" is a book that will take you on a n amazing adventure, making you never want to put the book down, even after finishing it.

To sum it all up, everyone should someday read the book "Blood Ninja" by Nick Lake, because all the minor parts in the book form an amazing, suspenseful plot, and that this book will make you never want to stop reading it, even after finishing the book. There are 2 sequels to this book: "The Revenge of Lord Oda" and "The Betrayal of the Living." I cannot wait to read these, as I have very high expectations of these two books. I hope that everyone reading this will end up reading this book, and maybe even recommend this book to friends. It is books like these that I have always enjoy reading, and books like these hat I will continue reading throughout my life.

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