The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

March 6, 2012
By sofiakoii BRONZE, Alhambra, California
sofiakoii BRONZE, Alhambra, California
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Superstition, lucky charms, fate -- U.S Marine Logan Thibault has never believed in that stuff. But during a tour of Iraq, when he finds photograph of a young woman, he suddenly has a streak of good luck. When he returns from his tour, he finally decides to go on a journey to find her. And find her he does. Logan ends up in North Carolina and finds himself a place in the lives of Elizabeth Green, her son, Ben, and her Nana. However, as he grows closer to their family, and closer to Elizabeth, the secret of his photograph might ruin everything he's been lucky enough to find. Though this romantic novel was slightly hard to get into at first, I powered on, and the intriguing characters and sweet moments kept me hooked. The Lucky One, by Nicholas Sparks, shows the impact of what one person may have and the interesting twists our lives take.

At first, I wasn't quite sure what part each character had in the book, and it took a while before Logan and Elizabeth met face to face. But once everything settled down, I immediately fell in love with each character. One of these characters was Nana. She's an old lady, but is full of young spirit, with quirky sayings that leave me thinking. "Seventy-six going on seventeen, she laughed out loud, banged pans with the spoon when she cooked, adored baseball, and turned the radio up to ear-shattering levels whenever NPR featured the Big Band Era. 'Music like that doesn't just grow like bananas, you know.'"(38) Nana is such a likable character, it's impossible for her not to grow on you. I always found myself smiling at her odd sayings, and pondering what she really meant. What's more, Nana had a good gut instinct. Immediately, she allowed Logan to work with them at their family-run dog obedience center, even though Elizabeth was reluctant to give him the job. Perhaps it was because Logan had a German Shepherd, Zeus, of his own, or because he was in the Marines, but Nana, felt like she could trust him. She is an interesting and lively character, but just one out of the whole family; however, what really sold this book to me was the cute and fluffy moments shared by Logan and Elizabeth.

No love story is complete without some adorable moments that leave both characters with stupid grins on their faces. And The Lucky One is stuffed with fluffy scenes like those. One of my favorites occur when Logan and Elizabeth have their first real conversation. Logan's been working at the kennel for a few weeks, but Elizabeth, still wary, wasn't keen on talking to him that much, and this changes her mind. "...Zeus barked and Logan shook his head... 'he wants me to wander with him. He won't let me out of his sight.' 'Ever?' 'He can't help it. He's a shepherd and he thinks I'm his flock.' Beth raised her eyebrow. 'Small flock.' 'Yeah, but it's growing. He's really taken to Ben and Nana.' 'Not me?' She pretended to look wounded. Logan shrugged. 'You haven't thrown a stick for him.' 'That's all it takes?' 'He's a cheap date.'" (107) This quote, the first cute moment in their first conversation, stole my heart and it has had it ever since. How can you not love this? The dialogue flows perfectly, is snappy and witty, and just shows how flawlessly these two characters can synchronize. This book was filled with these adorable little moments, and I loved each and every one of them. If you're weak for moments like these, this book is for you.

The Lucky One is filled with unforgettable characters and romantic, adorable moments. It is spun together deftly by none other than the bestselling author, Nicholas Sparks himself. This romantic story will show how life can take you down paths you never knew existed, to places that you realize you've needed to be all your life -- all you need is a little bit of luck.

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