Rosebush by Michelle Raffe

March 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I just finished Rosebush, written by Michelle Jaffe. This book has 326 pages in all. You may have heard of her other books, Kitty Kitty, or Bad Kitty. Since my friend's book response was so well written, I decided to read the novel(not because she kind of forced me to read it).

Jane Freeman went to a party this one night, and in one hour, she was found unconscious in a rosebush. She then wakes up in a hospital bed, with her mom right at her side crying, and Jane has no memory of what happened to her the other night. Over the next few days, as her friends visit her, every single time her best friends visit, Jane ends up getting threat messages, on the wall of her shower, in phone calls, and everyone thinks she is crazy, because they think she’s hallucinating, due to the amount of drugs they put in her, to keep her from feeling the pain. ”YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED _____”(59). [I censored the word out, since the word there is inappropriate.]

I really love this book, of it’s horror, suspense, romance, and irony. Every single time I read this book, I cannot put it down. It takes me a lot of discipline, and will power to put the book down.

Also, the love Jane’s family has to offer her, makes me melt, since Jane has been so horrible to her mom, her mom’s fiancée Joe, but mostly, her little sister Annie. I really like Annie, since she always tries to reach out to her sister, Jane. In one of the parts, Annie gives Jane something that Jane threw away long ago, to get rid of the memory of her father, that died. A toy, that Jane’s father gave to Jane. His last present to her. I just love it how Annie would always try to reach out to Jane, and although the countless number of times that Jane had rejected Annie, Annie keeps on trying until she could talk to her sister, make her sister feel is just how Annie will never give up on Jane, even though Jane has hurt Annie. Annie is persistent and never gave up on her sister.

I also like how Jane would give her life for her mom. ” ‘Don’t,’ I pleaded, putting every ounce of emotion I had into it. ’Please don’t put my mother through that.’

‘You’re going to beg for your mother but not for your life?’

‘Yes’ “(316). This shows that Jane still loves her mom, even though she doesn’t really show it. It shows how much Jane loves her mom, and how she would even die if she has to, to make her mom happy, or to save her mom. This quote shows undying love that will always be there between mother and daughter.

I don’t really like the reason why _______ wants to kill Jane, because in my opinion, it’s really dumb. I really can’t provide commentary for this reason, because I’m afraid that I’ll spoil the book for you.

” In its chaotic festivity it looks like the photographs I’m taking these days, only it’s not one. It’s not a photo. It’s real life. And I’m in it”(326).

This quote reminds me that, life can’t be perfect like a photograph, but sometimes, just sometimes, everything may seem perfect, then fall apart. In a moment you can feel you are on the top of the world, then the next, you could be at rock bottom. Life is grueling, horrible, unfair, yet it is fun, loving, wild, amazing, and breathtaking. But, hey, that’s life. Life’s short, live your life the way you want to live it. Rock your own life.

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Lengthy and well written! Nice! :U



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