The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartelettli

February 24, 2012
By Anonymous

A book named “The Boy Who Dared” written by Susan Campbell Bartelettli. I recommend that you should like this book because it is a breathtaking and electrifying to read this book. It talks about a brave and courageous 16 year-old-boy named Helmuth .He's intrusting teen boy, (Helmuth) that will risk his life to get the truth about anything. When I mean anything I mean the truth about his own country. Germany 1949. Lies and secrets are tossed around on Germany's ratio station. The station will lie how the Nazi's are winning but there actual loosing.

So Helmuth would break the law to listen to different ratio stations and read different books that are banned from the country. In addition, he is lying to get good grades because he's expected to be a good little teen Nazi and since he has a job and had seen a bookshelf full of banned books made by Jews and other countries. He decided to take one of the banned books and read it when he gets home. He listens to Russian ratio at night around 9 o'clock (when his parents are asleep). One day he decides to bring two of his friends and listen to Russian ratio. I do not want to give away many of the books events, but will helmuth live to tell the truth or die trying? Will helmuth get caught telling the truth? Will helmuth and his friends get put in to jail? And how would they get caught?

Find out by reading “The Boy Who Dared”. A historical-fiction, I would recommend this book ages 10 and up, students and adults that like historical fiction. For more information about “The Boy Who Dared” visit, I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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