Lord of the Flies

February 22, 2012
By steiv shore BRONZE, Elmwoodpark, Illinois
steiv shore BRONZE, Elmwoodpark, Illinois
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The author (William Golding) talk about how people inherently change when circumstances changes. In this book “Lord of flies” the author describes how each characters inherently changes when the time goes. Every kid lived different lives. When they came to this island, their inherently changed completely. At the beginning of the book, the boy's inherently changed just a little bit, but at the end of the book the boy's inherently changed completely. During the time the boys stay there they pass a lot of good and bad times together.

Ralph and Piggy were alone in the island that they landed after the accident happened. The two boys found a conch shell and Ralph blows the conch to gather the rest of the boys that survived in the island. After all people were gathered at the platform the boys voted that who will become the leader. Ralph was vote to be the leader, only challenged by the envy of Jack to be the leader. Ralph called the first meeting. He let Jack to be leader for the hunting team. The other important thing that he said was to keep the fire going. He let this duty to Jack. Now Jack was in charged about the fire.
When the boys saw that everything was under control, they sat and relax. Ralph opened his eye and saw that a ship was crossing the horizon. He thought that the ship might come to rescue them. Ralph first thought that the ship was coming in their way but it didn't. Ralph saw that the fire on the mountain was quenched. Ralph screamed that the ship was in the horizon.

After Jack was coming from the hunting, Ralph yelled at Jack why he let the fire quenched. Ralph told Jack about the ship that he saw and they might be rescued if the fire would be still burning. Ralph called another assembly for some reasons. The first thing was to continue fire burning on the mountain, about the hunt, and about the little kids crying at night.

Ralph said that the fire was the most important thing and without the fire they can't be rescued. Without the hunting they can't get meat to eat. Piggy speaks instead of littunes. He said that they were seeing beasts. The others laughed but when one little kid sad that he saw a beast, everyone was freighted beside Jack and Ralph. Simon and the others thought that the beast might be in the other side of the island. Next day the gang walked on the other side of the island with Jack in the lead. They searched in the forest but they didn't found any beast. The only place that they didn't search was no top of the mountain that was in that side. Was night and Ralph thought that they climb the mountain the next day. Jack didn't listen to Ralph. He started to climb the mountain on night. When they went on top of mountain they saw that there was a beast in the island.

Jack didn't like to be under Ralph command. He said that he would go away and the others can be in his tribe. Jack saw some kids in the forest and asked them to enjoy his tribe. The guys accepted. They went hunting and the killed a pig. Jack went back to the others and offered them meat. Everyone got meat and they liked to be in Jack's tribe. They went to kill the beast. Simon was hiding and he saw the “Lord of the flies”. He sends Simon to the mountain where beast was and Simon saw that the beast was a man. Simon ran to tell the others the news, but when he got down the mountain, the others thrown spears on him and Simon sat dead in the ground. After jack turned from the hunting he realized that he needs fire to cook the meat and he thought to steal Piggy's lens. At night Jack and Roger attacked Ralph, Simon and Piggy. They took Piggy's lens and ran away. Ralph, Piggy, Simon and two twins went to the Jack tribe place and asked him to give Piggy his lens back because he couldn't see. They used the trip for Ralph but Piggy stayed at the wrong place and the big rock went over Piggy and Jack's tribe started to throw arrows. Simon and the two twins joined hardly Jack's tribe. Ralph heard that Roger Jack and the others wanted to kill him so he hided. Jack put the entire island into flame. Ralph saw a freeway throw the fire and he saw a navy ship and the Navy Officer.

The Navy Officer saw the island in fire and asked who the leader was. Ralph said that he was the leader and Jack put his head down. The boys were finally rescued and they remembered the whole adventure.

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