Malcolm X by Andrew Helfer

February 29, 2012
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In Malcolm X, the graphic novel, Malcolm struggles to live life the best way he can. He has gone from place to place because of who he was. He was a black child with crazy and bad actions. Stopping a certain place, he started doing things that were able to get him in a bunch load of trouble. For example, he did and sold drugs, hung out with pimps, did robberies and more. Because of his troubles he had to move from place to place again.

During his life he’s had good times and very bad times. Malcolm was a confused male; he didn’t know what he wanted or whose side he was on. Because he saw that whites got treated better than blacks he did all he can to make himself look like he was white. He even did and talked like he was white.

Throughout his life he some times thought the whites were right and some times blacks were too, he was confused in a way he didn’t know what the right thing was and what the wrong was either. Because of this, blacks (his own kind) roused up against him. There were blacks that wanted to kill him as well as whites. Protection was something that was kept on him at all times.

One thing I learned from the novel was how things in history change overtime, and how his life was a big tragic struggle. I would recommend the book “Malcolm X” by Andrew Helfer because I liked the graphic pictures and the short passages of writing. By the way, I love history books and this book was simple and got right to the point. It also was suspenseful and it engaged me a great deal. If you’re someone who is interested in mystery or suspenseful books, this is for you.

Something I didn’t like was that at the beginning of the book it was a summary in like the first two pages. I would have liked to read it till the end to see what happened but by reading these pages it someone angered me, because it gave away the ending. The author’s style of writing was great and historical. For example, he used the words lynching, civil and segregation which involved with history. The author also kept the paragraphs short and simple, not too much like regular novels are.

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