A step from heaven by An Na

February 27, 2012
By Toshiya BRONZE, Bangkok, Hawaii
Toshiya BRONZE, Bangkok, Hawaii
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A step from heaven book review

A Step from Heaven was written by Anna,this story is about a Korean girl who immigrated to America when she was young.This book is about family relationships. Her family thinks America is heaven but after they immigrate to America it’ changes their opinion. From the story, I realize the difficulty of living and adapting myself to a new and different country. I think this book shows us that a new country has just as many troubles as our own.

Young Ju is the main character of this book, She immigrates to America when she was young because her parents want to move America to get rich and make new and better life. They think America is heaven but America is not heaven for them because her father gets drunk everyday and he hits Young Ju, her brother and her mother.Father hit many times and finally mother, brother and Young Ju must separate from him to have a free and good life. I admire Young Ju because she tries to study hard in English and she gets the highest GPA award, even though she has a hard home life. I think this is the most impressive story I have read.I think Young Ju has a very strong heart because she can win over her troubles in the end with some help from friends and her own strong will..

I really like this book because this book taught me the difficulty of living and adapting myself to other cultures, which mainly include language. I am also the one who immigrated to another country and had much difficulty of learning new language, so I can clearly understand the situation of Yaung Ju. From her great difficulties, I learned my own life is not so bad and I can do things with a good family.I strongly recommend this book to those who have ever experienced to live in other country because there are so many parts that they can understand and be familiar with.

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