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February 27, 2012
By , Bangkok, Thailand
The book ‘A Step from Heaven’ was written by An Na who is Korean immigrant in America. In order to show the hardship of immigration, the book is reflected some real cases of immigrants in America and author’s experience as well. This is one of the most thankful books that allowed me easily to draw a picture of the story in my mind. Also her realistic writing let me feel the great sympathy.

The story goes with YoungJu and her family who move to America to find a better life. But, her family faces zillions of conflicts such as language, poverty problems. Their lives get even worse as domestic violence appears. The cold-hearted parents, new language and unfamiliar people, drunk father make story more struggling. The protagonist, American middleschooler YoungJu tries to overcome all the conflicts happening in the new country. Is she going to be able to overcome the problems? What obstacles are waiting their family? Hope you figure it out in this book.

What I like in this book is the character, YoungJu’s mother as she inspired me to think of my mother. Either YoungJu’s mother or my mother themselves sacrifice for the family, they do hide their distresses, they never can do what they want to do. I think that Uhmma in this book is the most representative character of mothers in whole world. After reading book, you guys will realize how we are living in happy family, how we spent great childhood compare with YoungJu’s family.

Sometimes, some Korean words show up such as Uhmma, Apa which refers mother and father and it specializes this book. This method of writing was what made me crazy at this book. In addition, because there were so many imagery sentences, I felt like I became one of the characters in the story. While you read this book, if you try to think about imagery sentences once again, the book will also help you to improve your creative thinking level.

The author drew the story of the immigrants who are suffering from the cultural conflicts and as I was the one of them, I am given the feeling of sympathy at the first time. The story often remains uncomfortable ending in each chapter. Therefore, it won’t allow you to fall asleep. Then, you will find yourself to be an awaken bookworm at 2 a.m. Just rush into the bookstore and get one right away!

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